Lessons Learned





Lessons Learned



Life is full of lessons that teach you to move forward and be our best selves.  Some lessons we learned as children and some we learned as  adults. Either way they made us in to the people we are today. Here are some that we have learned…

Keep God first and keep Him in everything you do

Life is what you make it

Love is pure and it should come from the heart

People will talk about you whether you are doing good or bad… they just have to have something to say

Work hard and smart

Be humble…it will take you further in life

Be yourself

Take pride in what you do and who you are

Don’t take people for granted

Show love to everyone because you never know what they are facing in their lives


Much Love,




There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to Texas. Some of them are quite interesting. Here they are…

No there are not tumble weeds just rolling down the streets.. In some places yes but not the city

Not all of us ride horse as transportation

Our accents are beautiful

Our Barbeque is the absolute best

We all don’t wear cowboys hats

Everything in here is big and that’s just how we like it!!

Much Love,




Unfortunately cheating exist and will probably never go away.  It’s the number one trust destroyer and there is no excuse for cheating. The reasons why people cheat vary but one thing is for sure is that it doesn’t feel good at all.  Cheating not only affects those that are cheated on but everyone  that is connected to them… kids, friends, brothers, sisters and parents. Once the trust is gone sometimes it takes a while to get it back or it’s lost forever. But the question is do you take them back and work it out… or just leave and never look back.

Much Love,



Espresso Shot

Hey Ya’ll! We all have friends. Some we talk to daily and others not so much.  A friend is being kind, supportive and honest.  A real friend is going to be there for you no matter what  you are going through.  They are like our extended family and we share things with them that we don’t actually tell our own family members.  Friendships should be cherish and appreciated.  But there are those friendships that are toxic. They are based on superficial motives. You know the ones… they are only friends with you because of what you can give them. As soon as you can’t give them what they want they stop all communication. No call , text and they are to “busy” to hang out.  No one has time for that. As you get older the less friends you have the better. The “circle” gets smaller and that’s a good thing. Quality over quantity.

Much Love,


20 Facts about Us!





1. We are sisters, not twins

2. We are two years apart

3.Believers of Christ

4. We still have the V Card… we’re virgins… Yaaay!

5. We love football

6. Our favorite footballs teams are Houston Texans and Alabama… Roll Tide!!

7. CurlsCurvesChic was born in 2012

8. Erica sings Opera

9. Lesley studied in Ireland for two weeks

10. We went to the same college and we were roommates

11.When we were little we would put t-shirts on our heads as if we had long hair ( who didn’t do that)

12. Lesley is scared of the video and song Thriller by Michael Jackson

13. Our mom dressed us up like twins when we were little and we still do that….. but not on purpose it just happens..

14.We were in the same Spanish class in high school

15. Lesley studied primates in college

16. We broke a full glass table…it was glass everywhere

17. We met Eric Benet once

18. Erica sung the Mary Baldwin Hymn for her college graduation

19. We had a praise dance ministry called Twins in Ministry… obviously lol

20.  We were born and raised in Houston, Texas

Much Love,