Free Fitness

Free Fitness


Hey Ya’ll!! So we know that sometimes getting to the gym seems impossible with all the events we have going on in our lives these days. Well here is what we do…

Erica and I have been working on our fitness and getting healthy and moving our bodies all through the help of YOUTUBE… yes you read that right YOUTUBE!!
Here are four channels that we absolutely love!

Fitness Blender : Fitness Blender offers over 500 workout videos with new workouts uploaded every week.

Hasfit  : Hasfit is passionate and motivated to teaching you how to be healthy and keeping you there.

Body Project :Body Project have high energy fun workouts that can be done at home.

*Leslie Sansone
When searching her name on youtube there are more workout videos than on the channel

But with all that being said we like working out at home because we don’t have to leave and guess what…it’s FREE!! And that’s the best part about it.

Much Love,



Our Fitness Routine: Summer into Fall

Our Fitness Routine: Summer into Fall

The summer is slowly but surely coming to an end and we adjust our fitness routines according to the weather. In the summer we tend to workout inside. The heat in Texas is truly unbearable and the most important thing for us to be safe when exercising. We don’t need to have heat strokes…. not about that life. Here are some of the exercises we do inside.

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