Bantu Knot Fail

Hey Ya’ll! I decided to try Bantu Knots. I wanted to branch out and see what other things I could do to my hair. Well… it didn’t go so well.



I don’t have a picture of the actual bantu knots but as you can see there is a lot of frizz.  That is because my hair was still damp when I took it down. Big. Mistake.

My hair shrinks severely when it dries and it is super coily. So the bantu knots became tighter the more my hair dried. I had to keep loosening them… it was just too much work.

My arm and hands were hurting from all that twisting and I was kind of over the whole process.

The next time I attempt these again my hair will be dry. It will save time, edges and scalp. lol

Much Love,





No Rules

Hey Ya’ll! Every once in awhile we tend to vent… well, not “vent” but give our two cents when it comes to being natural. And lately what we have found is that there are so many rules. You can’t use this or that. If you use something that someone else doesn’t… there is a disdain look or comment. Not to mention if you decide to do something “drastic” like a big chop… it’s just way to many rules for something that is subjective.  You know your hair best and the only person that should dictate what is done to it is YOU (and your professional stylist if you have one). Sulfate or no sulfate, silicone or no silicone, whatever products you like, you use them and keep it pushing.  We have experienced this and a whole lot more and it’s quite interesting how people try and be the “Natural Hair Police”. We have decided to be Unapologetically Natural and you can too!

Whether your hair is wavy, curly, coily or kinky… Rock it and be Great!!!

Much Love,


The Infamous Wash and Go…

I used to rock a wash and go style in my transition days and it didn’t serve me well at all. It wasn’t until I big chopped that I love the way that my hair looked. After sometime I discovered two strand twist and I left the wash and go alone. Today was the first time in a year that I did a wash and go… I love it! I will be going back to this style whenever I want something different. Now that my hair has grown it looks better and it has a nice even shape.

My wash and go routine is quite simple… I use a deep conditioner to detangle ( I leave it in for about 45 minutes)rinse, apply a leave-in and a moisturizer … Shake my curls loose and air dry.

Wash and Go routines are very simple to do, you just have to find a method and products that work for you…

Much Love,