The Big Switch

The Big Switch


big switch

Hey Y’all! At the beginning of our natural hair journey, we decided to use sulfate free shampoos. And we remained sulfate free until late 2017. Partly because of the price point, we wanted an affordable option of shampoo; Mainly we were curious. We wanted to know how our hair would react to sulfate shampoo.

It’s been almost a year, and we are happy with our experience with sulfate shampoos. Here are a few examples.

♥Cleared a lot of build up on our hair
♥Our scalp was much cleaner
♥Curls were bouncy and defined (without product)

As we always say… Do what works for you. Always. We like sulfate shampoos now and what they do for our hair. Will we go back to sulfate free shampoos? Sure, if we find one that we like and suits our hair needs!

Do you prefer sulfate or sulfate free shampoos? Let us know!

Much Love,


4 thoughts on “The Big Switch

      1. Check out my review on Alaffia Black Soap, it’s one of my favorite sulfate cleanser that I use as a shampoo and my review on Renpure shampoo N conditioner, the shampoo didn’t wow me like my black soap, but it a good sulfate free shampoo that’s cheap.

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