15 Beauty Questions Tag


Hey Ya’ll! We wanted to do something different here at the CurlsCurvesChic Headquarters. This tag is for anyone…just copy and paste the questions and answer away!!

1. What is your daily skin care routine?

Erica: Cleans, tone and moisturizer.

Lesley: Noxzema, tone, moisturizer

2. What is your weekly skin care routine?

E: I use a mask twice a week and I exfoliate once a week

L: I  use my Noxzema once a day and exfoliate once a week

 3. How do you prep your face for makeup?

E: I moisturize first then prime

L: I use a primer that has a moisturizer in it

4. How do you take off your makeup?

E: Olive oil. It works and it preps my skin for cleansing

L: I use Simple Micellar water

5. What are some DIY face masks?

E: Never tried it, but I wouldn’t mind doing one.

L: Peel off mask(charcoal and Elmer’s glue) THE WORST THING I EVER TRIED!!!!

6. What are some inexpensive makeup brushes?

E: BH Cosmetics, E.L.F. Cosmetics, Target

L: BH Cosmetics and Target

 7. Do you prefer matte or shimmer eyeshadow?

E: Both! I think that it depends on what mood I’m  in…

L: I like matte with some shimmer in the inner corner

8. Do you prefer matte or dewy skin?

E: Matte… I’m dewy enough lol

L: Dewy because I get really dry

9. Do you prefer matte or shiny lipstick / lip gloss?

E: Matte…I have three lip glosses and I hardly where them

L: Both…but lately I have been wearing lip gloss more often

 10. Lipstick, Gloss, Lip Stain, Balm, or Lip Liner?

E: Lipstick and Balm

L: Lipstick, Gloss, and Balm

11. What type of coverage do you prefer from a foundation?

E: As of lately I prefer medium coverage

L: I like medium coverage…honestly I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup

12. What cosmetic brands you always wanted to try but haven’t?

E: Urban Decay


13. Do you wear fake lashes?

E: No… my eyes water to bad but I’ve always wanted to try them

L: No, I’ve tried before, but I glued them to high on my eyelid…lol

14. What type of product do you buy the most of?

E: Matte Lipstick…I have so many and my favorite  brand is NYX soft matte cream

L: Matte Lipstick, usually NYX, but sometimes from the Beauty Supply Store

15. Do you like trying new skin care products or do you keep a certain routine?

E: I keep a certain routine… the only thing that I try would be skin care mask

L: I like to try different things to see what works better for my skin

We got this questions from Sharon… Here is her post… Go and check out her answers!!

We hope that y’all were able to get to know us little more.



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