5 Tips On How To Detangle


Hey Ya’ll! Detangling your hair is a super important step for us curly girls. It allows our hair to be tangle free so our curls can flourish. Whether you use your fingers or  a comb it is imperative that you detangle properly.

The way that you detangle your hair can determine the health of your hair. By detangling, the wrong way can cause damage. Here are some tips that on how to have tangle free curls!

• Start from the ends and work your way up: You want to start from the ends so that there is no room for breakage. Starting from the roots will pull and cause unnecessary stress on the hair.

• Detangle your hair wet with product: You want to have product on your hair when detangling because it will make it easier on you and your hair.

•When your comb stops you stop: You never want to yank through your hair. If you come to a stop, remove the comb and work through that area with your fingers.

•Make sure combs are clean and in good shape: You don’t want to use combs that are missing teeth or have other products stuck in them.

• Never rush. Take your time.

These tips have helped us maintain healthy curls. Not all damage comes from chemicals or heat. The way we treat our hair with combs, brushes etc. can make or BREAK our curls.

Much Love,






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