Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

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Hey Ya’ll! Makeup brushes are very important tools when it comes to makeup application. Whether you like high end  or stick to affordable ones…they all have one thing in common; They all need to be cleaned.

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When cleaning your makeup brushes, make sure that you use luke warm water. Choose the soap or cleanser that you want. We use plain bar soap (Dove or Dial). We have found that it cleanses our bushes perfectly and they are really soft.

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It is very important that you dry your brushes properly. You want to allow the water to flow away from from the barrel of the brush (this is where the glue is to hold the brush hairs in place). If water gets in the barrel, the glue will loosen up and  shedding will ensue; and we certainly don’t want that. We usually keep ours at a angle or hang them up side down to dry.

We try to clean our brushes as often as possible, at least twice a month. We also spot clean if a brush is just too dirty to carry on.

What brush cleaner do you use? Let us know!!

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