Hair Tools


Hey Ya’ll!! We’ve done post in the past that talk about what kind of products that we use on our hair. So today we want to share some hair tools that we use to detangle and style our hair.



The Conair combs came together in a set. I absolutely love the wide tooth comb. I use it after I finger detangle my hair. Being that I am a type 4 natural and my hair is thick, it’s pretty tough and durable. The rat-tail comb I use to part my hair when I’m doing flat twist or oiling my scalp. The blue brush I’ve had for a while. It’s one of those brushes you use occasionally. I use it to smooth my edges, which is not very often.




My wide tooth comb has been with me for a while and I like to detangle my hair dry with it. Β  Β Whenever I’m in between washes and my hair gets a bit tangled the blue comb is perfect for that. The tangle teaser is good for when I freshly washed my hair and applied my deep conditioner. It distributes the conditioner evenly and there is no snapping or extra pulling on my hair. Β My hair is thick and the tangle teaser detangles with no problem.

We try to keep our combs and brushes to a minimum. We honestly don’t need 5 thousand hair tools. We found what works and we stick to that.

What is your favorite hair tool to use? Let us know!

Much Love,

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