No Rules

No Rules

Hey Ya’ll! Every once in awhile we tend to vent… well, not “vent” but give our two cents when it comes to being natural. And lately what we have found is that there are so many rules. You can’t use this or that. If you use something that someone else doesn’t… there is a disdain look or comment. Not to mention if you decide to do something “drastic” like a big chop… it’s just way to many rules for something that is subjective.  You know your hair best and the only person that should dictate what is done to it is YOU (and your professional stylist if you have one). Sulfate or no sulfate, silicone or no silicone, whatever products you like, you use them and keep it pushing.  We have experienced this and a whole lot more and it’s quite interesting how people try and be the “Natural Hair Police”. We have decided to be Unapologetically Natural and you can too!

Whether your hair is wavy, curly, coily or kinky… Rock it and be Great!!!

Much Love,


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