DIY: Body Sugar Scrub

NO 2

Hey Ya’ll!! We have a quick DIY for you! This sugar scrub is so easy here’s how…


Sugar ( we use white sugar but if you want organic brown sugar is an option)

Oil ( olive oil, coconut, jojoba etc.)

Glass container ( we found that plastic containers dry out the scrub)

A mixing utensil ( we used a

Mix these ingredients together in the glass container and you have a sugar scrub. Now the consistency is up to you and if you want to add essential oils to make it smell good by all means please do.



Benefits of Exfoliating

Smoother skin

Eliminates dry skin

Allows products to penetrate the skin better (lotions, moisturizers etc.)

Helps to remove hair easily

Helps to smooth elbows and knees

Gets rid of any discoloration (dark spots and age spots)

The cool thing about DIY body scrubs is that there are so many different varieties that you can make.  You honestly can’t mess this up unless you put way too much oil… just add more sugar!!!

Are you about that DIY Life… Let us know!  Stay tuned for more DIYs!!!

Much Love,


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