5 Summer Hair Care Tips

Hey Ya’ll!! Natural chicas listen up… Here are 5 summer hair care tips that will keep your hair looking good and your edges in place… Leggo!!

Avoid Heat- The blow dryer and flat irons are cool but when it comes to this summer heat, we need to give them a break. The sun is already beaming down on the hair and adding more heat may cause some problems.

Drink Plenty of Water- Our hair and skin can benefit from water. Water is pretty awesome  and it will hydrate your hair from the inside. Our scalp is skin and when it’s hydrated so is our hair. So hydrate and feel great!

Clarify- If you plan on being in the pool and/or the beach this is a must. Chlorine and salt water don’t like our hair too much so getting our hair thoroughly cleansed of these things will keep our hair healthy. Quick Tip: Add conditioner to your hair before you dive in… It will coat your hair and keep it soft so when you clarify/shampoo it’s more manageable.

Sun Protection-  Just like our skin our hair needs protection from the sun. Thankfully there are products out there that have UV filters that can provide our hair with the protection it needs against the sun. Also, there are natural oils that naturally help with sun protection.

Protective Styles- Put it up and go… not having to deal with our hair is amazing. Plus it’s  good to not have to fuss with our tresses in this heat…we have enough to deal with right?

Whether it’s braids, weave,wigs, hats, scarves etc. be sure to cleanse, condition, and moisturize your hair. She still needs love too!!

What are your plans for the summer?

Much Love,

Erica D.

6 thoughts on “5 Summer Hair Care Tips

  1. “not having to deal with hair is amazing” can be taken as a negative connotation of black hair, but bc I don’t to jump to conclusions do you mind elaborating what you meant by that please

    I didn’t even know our hair needed sun protection much less finding out some products on markets offer UV filters. Def took notes.
    Great post!

    1. Thanks Skatsz for your comment! But what I meant was with the heat and our daily lives and all that we have to do( school, work, kids, etc.) that your hair can be one less thing that you have to deal with.

      1. Thanks so much for the clarification as I didn’t want to be the new age over sensitive internet troll. I got all in my feelings since the masses think our hair is hard to manage (which is a complete myth) & blah blah. But good to know that wasn’t the case here 🙂

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