Finger Detangling = Less Shrinkage

Hey Yall! Erica here! So I started a new thing with my hair regimen…Finger detangling only. Now at first I was a bit skeptical be cause I have always use combs and a Denman to detangle my hair. Now I have been natural for  almost three years and I noticed that I was not retaining length. Well in cases like this you have to pay close attention to your hair. I was not. I was just going with the flow and doing my hair as normal.

I discovered that I was losing too much hair while detangling. There would be mounds of hair afterwards and my scalp would be so sore. Also I was trimming my hair way to much but we’ll save that for another post. I went to YouTube like most naturals do and I discovered this young lady, her YouTube name is hi- imcurrentlyobsessed.  I saw her detangling video and I was so excited, finally a way that I can detangle my hair and cut the time in half. So this Friday was wash day for me and I detangled my hair using her tips in 15 minutes. Here is how I did it.

1.) First I parted my hair in three sections: back, middle and top. She recommended that the parts be straight. It helps with less manipulation and less breakage. Straight parts never go away so when you get ready to detangle again it will be easier to part.

2.) I detangled each section starting from the back. I didn’t add any products, my hair was dry. That was my preference but if you want to add product you can!

3). When each section was detangled I twist it and pinned it up with my clips.

I had less hair that came out and a little  more when I washed it. It was NOT a hand full of hair…Thank God!! After washing I did my usual L.O.C. Method and flat twisted my hair. The next morning I took my hair down and my hair did not shrink up as much. Usually my twist are so small but my twist had length. It was softer and had more body than it did when I would use a Denman. My ends were even smooth which was a total surprise.

I love the results that I got from this method and I will continue this!!! Be sure to check out hi- imcurrentlyobsessed on YouTube!!!

Much Love,


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