Espresso Shot

Hey Ya’ll! We all have friends. Some we talk to daily and others not so much.  A friend is being kind, supportive and honest.  A real friend is going to be there for you no matter what  you are going through.  They are like our extended family and we share things with them that we don’t actually tell our own family members.  Friendships should be cherish and appreciated.  But there are those friendships that are toxic. They are based on superficial motives. You know the ones… they are only friends with you because of what you can give them. As soon as you can’t give them what they want they stop all communication. No call , text and they are to “busy” to hang out.  No one has time for that. As you get older the less friends you have the better. The “circle” gets smaller and that’s a good thing. Quality over quantity.

Much Love,


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