20 Facts about Us!





1. We are sisters, not twins

2. We are two years apart

3.Believers of Christ

4. We still have the V Card… we’re virgins… Yaaay!

5. We love football

6. Our favorite footballs teams are Houston Texans and Alabama… Roll Tide!!

7. CurlsCurvesChic was born in 2012

8. Erica sings Opera

9. Lesley studied in Ireland for two weeks

10. We went to the same college and we were roommates

11.When we were little we would put t-shirts on our heads as if we had long hair ( who didn’t do that)

12. Lesley is scared of the video and song Thriller by Michael Jackson

13. Our mom dressed us up like twins when we were little and we still do that….. but not on purpose it just happens..

14.We were in the same Spanish class in high school

15. Lesley studied primates in college

16. We broke a full glass table…it was glass everywhere

17. We met Eric Benet once

18. Erica sung the Mary Baldwin Hymn for her college graduation

19. We had a praise dance ministry called Twins in Ministry… obviously lol

20.  We were born and raised in Houston, Texas

Much Love,


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