Our Fur Babies

mammals 2


So if you follow us on Instagram which you should… you might recognize these cute faces. They are both rescue dogs from the Houston Humane Society. We had Maddason first and then a few months later we got Colby.



She is a maltipoo and 3 yrs. old

High energy dog

Loves being outside

She’s a hunter (two birds down and lizard tail)

Loves to cuddle when she is sleepy

She will eat almost anything (she has to have supervision at all times)

She definitely does not like cat


He is a medium poodle and 5yrs old

Very quiet… hardly barks

He likes cats… really they are his friends at the groomer

Loves to cuddle

Gives kisses… a lot of kisses

Anti social.. he like to be own his own a lot

Unlike his cousin Maddason… he doesn’t need constant supervision

They both get long great. At first Maddason was not feeling Colby in her space but after awhile she started to accept him. Maddason is the only dog that Colby plays with. We don’t know why but he is just selective with his play time..lol!!

Much Love,


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