5 Problems with Social Media


We all use social media. Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Now social media can be a very positive place but there are exceptions.

1. Over Sharing

People will put up the most private things on social media. The fact that your boyfriend cheated with a relative of yours is not everybody’s business. It’s unfortunate but work that out offline.

2. Nakedness

This one is rather annoying. We really don’t want to see ALL of you. Where is the  class and respect. Most importantly where are your clothes. This goes for Males and Females.

3. Positive Post= Not many likes

Have you noticed this because we did. Mostly these types of post get a few hundred or more but if it’s a fight or someone getting exploited in some way… double or triple the likes

4. Bullying

No one should be subjected to bullying but on social media it is CRAZY. People will go out of there way and bully people in the comment section. They will go in and fat shame, talk about anything they feel is wrong and even talk about their kids. First, who asked you and secondly We. Don’t. Care.

5. Stupidity

Enough Said…

We try to swerve most of these offences and present ourselves accordingly online and off. 

Much Love,


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