Proudest Moment

Proudest Moment

 Hey Ya’ll!! Our proudest moment to date is graduating from college. We both attended Mary Baldwin College (now it’s a University !). It is an all women’s residential college. It is located in Staunton, Virginia.

It’s long way from Texas but it was so fun. Some people think that getting an education is a waste but for us it was an opportunity to make our lives better. People didn’t believe that we would go to college yet alone graduate. It’s a proud moment for us because we worked so hard to obtain this higher level of education.Most people don’t have or take this opportunity but we did and we are truly blessed. Lesley was a double major, she got her Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology/Sociology. I got my Bachelor of Arts degree in Music / Voice Performance.

At Mary Baldwin we learned that our brains can take us further than anything else. We are women and we are smart. We can do anything we put our minds too. There is no limit.


Much Love,


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