Top Five Pet Peeves


Hey Ya’ll!  You know those things that really annoy you. It drives you up the wall and you are truly disturbed. Here are the top five things that grind our gears.

1).Bad Drivers: Living in a big city you are bound to have traffic and it can get out of control sometimes. What makes it worse is people who refuse to use a signal to get over, riding on your car like you can make traffic go faster and people who are straight rude. Also the people that try and run you over to get in front of you and then go slow.

2).Boiled Meat(Barbeque): This is utterly unacceptable and it should be illegal. The only thing that needs to be boiling are potatoes for potato salad. Period. Boiling your meat before you barbeque is not authentic at all.

3).People who stare: Staring is really weird to do. Just come over and say hello…it’s okay.

4).Reaching to touch our hair: As natural chicks, people are fascinated by our hair. Rightfully so because it’s amazing but don’t try to touch it and don’t ask. We are not pets or animals at the petting zoo. Just ask!

5).People who invade your personal space: Have you ever been in line to checkout and the person behind you is breathing down your neck.  It’s not right nor is it okay!

What are your pet peeves?

Much Love,


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