A Day in the Life…



Hey Ya’ll!!! We wanted to share a Day in the Life. Here is what our Tuesday was like…

9:00 AM Wake Up!! We slept a little late because we didn’t have class

9:30 AM  Breakfast : Omelets ( cheese and pico de gallo and black bean mix) hash browns and turkey bacon… Lesley had chocolate almond milk and I had Iced coffee

10:30 AM  Getting ready to go out for a bit

12:20 PM Arrived at Target to buy two things ended up staying there for more than an hour… Thankfully we didn’t end up purchasing things we didn’t need..lol

20160405_155848 [99795]

1:30 PM  finally left Target and we were on our way to Dollar General to get some house hold cleaning items… (It’s so much cheaper there)

1:40 PM On our way home… Finally because it was 80 degrees outside today

4:00 PM Lesley had homework to do… Organic Chemistry

20160405_181303 [99796]

5:00 PM Din Din… Chicken Soup with rice…. It was so good!!

7:00 PM Cleaning Kitchen… I (Erica) don’t like this at all plus I had to practice my piano pieces for class…

20160405_191931 [104241]

9:00 PM Taking the dogs out on last time… If we don’t they will whine at 5 am and we are not about that life. That is too early.

 10:00 PM Getting ready for bed… Good night Ya’ll

Much Love,


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