10 years from Now…

10 years from now

Hey Ya’ll… 10 years is a long time from now but having goals and dreams that you want to achieve is important. Our future is something we discuss all the time together. Where are we going to live, our husbands and the fact that our kids will be best friends/cousins. Of course we want to be successful in our careers and continue to live for Christ. Hopefully CurlsCurvesChic is still in full effect..lol. Sometimes thinking about the future can be real difficult when your life in the present isn’t what you think it should be. Everyone has a journey that they have to go through and every journey is different.

We have found out through our life experiences that you have to keep moving forward and be positive. If people don’t support, share or help you with the vision you have for yourself… LET THEM GO!!!

Your goals and dreams are just as important as theirs and having toxic people around jeopardizes your future.

Where do you see yourself  10 years from now? Let us know!!!

Much Love ,


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