What Findation are you wearing???

Hey Ya’ll!!! Did you ever find yourself roaming the cosmetic isle in the store looking and searching for a foundation that could be a match. Well we have a solution and it’s called Findation.com

Findation.com is a website that helps you find the perfect match of foundation, without the stress and guesswork. Findation was launched in 2012 as a global project. They have created the world’s largest database for matching foundation colors.

How does it work?

You  have to enter two foundation shades that you like and it will give you your perfect shade in any  other foundation products such as CC and BB creams etc. It’s super simple and easy!

Another cool feature is that you can have the results of your matches emailed to you,  so you don’t forget.

This site is so helpful and fast… Let us know if you try it and what  you think about Findation!

Much Love,


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