Curls: Erica’s Hair Routine

hair routine

My hair routine was a journey in itself. I tried different things, options and rotating  the order in which I use my products. I found the perfect routine that will fit my life and hair for awhile at least. Here goes….
First off I  deep condition my hair. I like to use the Eden Body Works All Natural Deep Conditioner. It is super creamy and thick. It coats my hair and softens it so detangling is not a terror. I usually let it sit on for about 45 min. Now it’s time to shampoo.

Now with the shampoo, I have three that I am loving right now. If my hair needs moisture I will use Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Moisturizing Shampoo. I like to use this for  when I don’t deep condition. It adds much needed moisture to my hair and cleanses my scalp really well. Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Shampoo is great for when I just want a regular shampooing experience. Thirdly, I use Organix Macadamia Shampoo. Now this shampoo smells so good. That is probably why I bought it. But any way I Iike it because It really softens my hair. It doesn’t make it feel dry or hard. Plus it is sulfate free  which is a huge plus for me. Once a month I clarify with Dr. Bronner’s Castile Magic Soap. This soap is amazing. It literally removes dirt, debris and product from my hair. Afterwards my hair and scalp is super clean and manageable.  Now onto conditioning.

I only have one conditioner that I am in love with and that is the Restorative Conditioner from Shea Moisture. It can be used as a leave in or a wash out conditioner. I use it as a leave in. I love the thick richness of the conditioner and a little goes along way with this one. I have a washout conditioner that I do love and it is Organix  Macadamia Oil conditioner. I only use it when my hair really needs an extra boost of moisture before I apply my leave in.


I style my hair the same way every time which is flat twisting. I find that this very easy and fast to do because I usually do my hair at night. Before I flat twist I apply Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing smoothie then a oil blend to seal in the moisture.
This hair routine took awhile to perfect, but as my hair gets longer I have to find faster quicker ways of achieving the look that I want.


Much Love,

Erica D.

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