The Art of Letting Go

On this lifestyle change I learned so much about myself. I learned that tracking my progress stops the process for me.

I have been tracking my weight, what I ate, and calories. I would do this everyday. I even downloaded apps on my phone to help with calorie counting. It was slowly but surely consuming every part of my life.  I was spending money on tablets, printing out templates, and making my own charts. I was even tracking my workouts.

All of this tracking was too stressful. It is safe to say that I was obsessed with it. It became apart of my conversation. It was too much. After a while I would forget to write down my progress, so I would have to try to remember what I ate from four days ago. The breaking point was my weight. I weighed myself every Wednesday morning. The number on the scale was creeping up and I didn’t understand why. ( Side note: Muscle weighs more than fat. So I was gaining muscle and losing fat. The scale doesn’t make a difference  between fat or muscle. It just weighs the object. I was relieved when I found this out.)

I was doing everything right and I was starting to become defeated. So I completely stopped.  All tracking was over. After a couple of days I felt free. There was no more stressing or obsessing over it. I made the commitment long ago to change my life and that is what I’m going to do. Simple.

The whole point is to be healthy and enjoy watching your body transform.  I want to enjoy this process and that is exactly what I intend to do.

Much Love,

– Dyon


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