What are you doing in here… You can’t fit nothing…

My sister and I went to go shopping at Old Navy. We were looking for compression tights to exercise in and we didn’t want to wait to purchase the items online.  Upon us walking in the door, we received the nastiest look from a customer. As we made our way to the women’s section her eyes followed us as well.  Apparently to her we were to “big” to shop in Old Navy.  Needless to say we found what we were looking for and they fit well.

Obviously, we don’t let things like this bother us. She had the problem with what we look like, we didn’t. We are very proud that we can fit the clothes in Old Navy. It shows us that the early morning workouts, eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is paying off.

You can’t control what people say or think about you. How we display self-control is the most important thing. We could have reacted to her rudeness and gave her a piece of our minds, but what would that solve. She judged us without even knowing us.  My aunt always told us to show love to everyone. Even those who aren’t as loving to you.

Life experiences makes us stronger and we can also grow from them, to be better people.

Has this type of thing ever happened to you? How did you handle it? Let us know!

Much Love,


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