1 Year Anniversary For My Hair…

I have been fully natural 1 yr. and  3 months …. I’m loving it!!! This journey was filled with ups and downs. One minute I wanted to relax my hair the next minute I wanted to stay natural.

I big chopped my own hair Aug 22, 2012 and I’m kind of glad I did. My hair has never been this full,thick and soft. Since then I have started to workout and eat right and just take care of myself. Of course I have my trusty sidekick Mone’  to motivate me.

ImageThis was the day after I big chopped… I did a lot of wash and goes back then… My hair was about 2 to 3 inches all over.

I cut off about 2/1/2 inches off my entire head. I was one happy person…

I recently did a length check: Back, side and front are 8 inches. The top is 10 inches. The top has always been longer and it grows faster than the rest of my hair.

One year down… the rest of my life to go…

Much Love,


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