Review: Tree Hut Shea

Hey ladies, its about that time for the seasons to change again. And I know that the winter weather can be harsh on our skin. Well I have discovered a new product for the winter months that keeps me moisturized and gives me soft skin.

Tree Hut Shea is a new product that I am have been using for a few days now and I LOVE IT!!! I found this product at Target in the cosmetic section, where they sell Burt’s Bees and other natural products. So let me tell you more about the company…..

Tree Hut Shea is a small company based out of Farmer’s Branch, Texas around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In their products they use certified organic Shea butter, coconut from the Polynesian Island, and contains natural oils and extracts. Also this company does not test on animals.

Tree Hut Shea has many different products like, Sugar Body Scrubs, Lotion, Bath Bars, Shower Wash, and Shea Body Butters.ย The scent that I am using is Coconut and Lime and it smells WONDERFUL!!! Tree Hut Shea also have different scents like Almond & Honey, Amazon Pequi, Brazilian Nut, Hawaiian Kuki, Lavender & Chamomile, Moroccan Rose, Original Shea, Peppermint, Tropical Mango, and Vanilla Honey. Tree Hut can be found online at Ulta, Walmart, Amazon,, CVS, and Harmon. And also in retail stores like, Walmart, Ulta, Target, Kroger, Publix, Fred Meyer, and Meijer.

ImageCoconut & Lime

This shower wash is thick and creamy and it leaves your skin soft and beautiful. ย I have used many different shower washes that were moisturizing, but nothing like this before. It is all natural and it smells DIVINE!!! I think that this is one of the best body washes I have ever owned. I will be using this body wash for a long time. I hope that you all try Tree Hut Shea products and tell me if you liked them or not.

Until next time….Have Curls~Curves~Chic Kind Of Day….


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