Nail Game (Gel Nail Edition)

So ladies I know that we have all painted our nails more than once in our lives. We sit down and paint them a beautiful color and we spend the rest of the day waiting for them to dry.  Well I have found a solution that will not take a lot of time….Gel Nails. I know that this process is done in the nail salon, but you can also do this at home.

I purchased all the products from Sally Beauty Supply. I am using the Finger Paints Gel Polish line.


Products used for the Gell Nail process are:

The Soak-off Cleanser, Sticky chip free polish, Soak-off Base Coat, Nail Polish (color: Art You Sure? reddish burgundy), Soak-off Top Coat, Cuticle Oil, a nail file, 180 Buffer and a plastic cuticle pusher, and a Finger Paints LED Light.

So here is how you would apply the gel to your nails….

Step 1, you need to make sure that you have clean hands and nails. Then you need to file and buff your nails and also push your cuticle down with the plastic pusher. Then use the cleanser to clean the nails after buffing.


Step 2, you will apply the Sticky Chip Free polish to the front tips of the nail as seen below.Don’t worry about your cuticles looking dry its from the cleanser that you used earlier.


Step 3, you will apply a thin layer of the Soak-off Base Coat, then cure your nails in the LED light for 30 seconds. Its best to do your four fingers first and your thumb separately. Also, it is preferred that you do one hand at a time.


Step 4, you need to roll the polish in you hands for 20 seconds and gently hit it against your palm 2 to 3 times. I used a reddish burgundy color called Art You Sure? It’s really cute. Then apply a thin layer of the nail polish on your four fingers and cure for 30 seconds and then on your thumb. To get a better color pay off apply another coat of the nail polish and cure.




Step 5, once you are done applying your second coat of polish and curing, then apply a thin layer of the Soak-off Top Coat and cure for 30 seconds.


Step 6, After you have cured your nails for the last time, there will be a  sticky residue on the nail.  So use the cleanser to clean the nail off.


So once you have completed the process for both hands use the Cuticle Oil and rub it all over you fingers. Keep applying the oil daily to keep your manicure looking fresh and new.

These are my nails before and after….

DSCN0324      DSCN0350


I love this process because the nails are instantly dry, and it doesn’t take very long to do.

So I hope that you ladies will find this helpful and take on the Gel Nail challenge. Have a CurlsCurvesChic kind of day!!!!!


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