Our Fitness Routine: Summer into Fall

The summer is slowly but surely coming to an end and we adjust our fitness routines according to the weather. In the summer we tend to workout inside. The heat in Texas is truly unbearable and the most important thing for us to be safe when exercising. We don’t need to have heat strokes…. not about that life. Here are some of the exercises we do inside.

-HIIT Cardio



-Biggest Loser DVDs

-Planks (30/60 sec)


-Push ups

Gym (Treadmill/Elliptical)


-Upper and Lower Body Toning

We don’t do ALL of these exercises everyday. We have certain days for certain exercises and different reps for the planks, push ups, squats, and lunges. The only exercise that we would add in the Fall is running. We have been running since spring of 2012. We participated in our first Color Run and we have been running ever since.

We take this fitness journey one day at a time. We have a long way to go, but we know that if we keep going we will soon meet our goals.

As far as nutrition goes, we bake everything if we can. Smoothies, fresh fruits, frozen veggies( very cheap…$1.09 each) whole grains etc.  Splurging is to a minimum (once a week) and if we have a craving for something, we eat it outside the house.

So that sums up what we do and eat to become healthier each and everyday!!!

Much Love,


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