Current Nail Favorites|| Nail Polish


Hey Ya’ll!! We have quite the nail polish collection and collectively it is very large. So we just wanted to share our top three go-to nail colors.



(left to right)

Essie “Playing Koi”

Finger Paints “Tribal Heart Beat”

Fresh Paint “Burning Flame”



(left to right)

L.A. Colors “Mademoiselle”

Essie “Topless and Barefoot” *the name*

O.P.I. “Look At My Bow”

We usually get our nail polishes from Five Below, Sally Beauty Supply and Palais Royal.

What are your current nail polish colors?

Much Love,

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God Is Faithful


Hebrews 10:23

” Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering , for he who promised is faithful”

God doesn’t lie. Whatever he promised you he will fulfill. It may not look how you think it should and it might not come they way that you imagined. We can’t allow doubt to slip in a rob us of our blessings, joy and peace. Always depend on God because he is faithful.

Much Love,

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Outfit Of The Day|| Casual Day Chic


Hey Y’all! This year we wanted to post more OOTD’s  to show our own personal style. It was a little cool on today  so boots, leather and long sleeves were in order!






Leather Moto Jacket-  Jessica London

Flannel Shirt -Walmart

Leggings- Walmart


Boots Socks- Five Below

Crossbody – Ross






Blouse- Thrifted

Jeggings- Walmart

Boots- Payless

Backpack Purse- Target

Much Love,

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Fav Hair Oils


Hey Y’all!!  The word of the day is..OIL! Not only is it a great sealant but it has other great benefits as well. Like any other products you have to find the one you like and what works.

Here are our favorites…


Olive oil- I have been using olive oil ever since we started our natural hair journey. My hair just loves it! I use it for pre-poo. It helps to soften the tangles and prep my hair for shampooing.

Grape seed oil- I use this on my scalp and for a sealant after I moisturize. It is light weight and I can use it every other day. It also promotes hair growth.

Coconut oil- I’ve just started to use this on my hair as a sealant. I tried using it for pre-poo and I’m still trying to figure out if I like it or not. (more on this in a future post).


Organix Argan Oil of Morocco- I like it because it’s light and it doesn’t weigh my hair down. Unlike my sister I haven’t tried the other oils on my hair but I do want to try and see what others oils out there that I would like.

Here’s a little info on oil and how it works when it pertains to hair:

Oil: any neutral , non polar chemical substance that is a viscous liquid at ambient temperature.

Oils are both hydrophobic “water fearing” and Lipophilic “fat loving”

Non Polar: doesn’t mix with water

Hair Structures

Hair Shaft: part of the hair that sticks out of the skin and scalp

Medulla: deepest layer of the hair shaft; only seen in large and thick hairs

Cortex: middle layer of the hair shaft which provides the strength, color and texture of a hair fiber

Outer layer: thin and colorless and serves as protection to the cortex

Oil seals in moisture it doesn’t create moisture. So if your hair is dry and you apply oil you will seal in the dryness.

❀Our hair is made of dead cells that have turned into keratin and binding material together with small amounts of water

❀Oil  does not permeate the hair shaft because of the small amount of water that holds the shaft together

❀ Leave in conditioner or conditioning styling products are able to permeate the hair because the first ingredient water

What oils are your favorite? Let us know!

Much Love,

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Winter Lips


Hey Ya’ll!!! Here are our favorite Winter Lip colors!!!



From left to right

NYX Liquid Suede “Club Hopper”

NYX Soft Matte Cream “Dubai”

L.A. Girl  Glazed Lip Paint ” Pin Up”

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream ” Budapest”





From left to right

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream “Madrid”

NYX Liquid Suede “Club Hopper”

NYX Soft Matte Cream “Budapest”

NYX Liquid Suede “Soft Spoken”



What are your favorite lip colors for winter? Let us know!

Much Love,

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His Future Plans


Jeremiah 29:11

” For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”

Happy New Year Ya’ll!! We pray that this new year will be the beginning of a new life for you! Trust in God that he will provide  for you and make all things new in your life.

Much Love,

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Hair Tools


Hey Ya’ll!! We’ve done post in the past that talk about what kind of products that we use on our hair. So today we want to share some hair tools that we use to detangle and style our hair.



The Conair combs came together in a set. I absolutely love the wide tooth comb. I use it after I finger detangle my hair. Being that I am a type 4 natural and my hair is thick, it’s pretty tough and durable. The rat-tail comb I use to part my hair when I’m doing flat twist or oiling my scalp. The blue brush I’ve had for a while. It’s one of those brushes you use occasionally. I use it to smooth my edges, which is not very often.




My wide tooth comb has been with me for a while and I like to detangle my hair dry with it.    Whenever I’m in between washes and my hair gets a bit tangled the blue comb is perfect for that. The tangle teaser is good for when I freshly washed my hair and applied my deep conditioner. It distributes the conditioner evenly and there is no snapping or extra pulling on my hair.  My hair is thick and the tangle teaser detangles with no problem.

We try to keep our combs and brushes to a minimum. We honestly don’t need 5 thousand hair tools. We found what works and we stick to that.

What is your favorite hair tool to use? Let us know!

Much Love,

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